Yao Ming is the star of this game, going around fisting whoever the fuck he wants, such as Whoopi Goldberg, Bob Saget, and Dante Cole. Its not the fisting that makes this character such a star, but the passion and effort that he has in fisting people. Yao "Fist of Stalin" Ming's biggest and most epic scene we have seen in gaming thus far is at the beginning of the game, where Resistance member Dante Cole is getting fisted by Ming, blood, sweat, and semen flying everywhere in this cinematic event, and when Adam Donovan catches them in the act, he pulls out his Beretta 92FS and starts shooting the fucking shit out of Ming, but Ming is just so epic and he is somehow invincible, so then he runs and grabs Adam Donavan by the throat, and then starts fisting the shit out the poor lad, and it turns out that both fisting sessions were both being filmed, and the scene ends with the Fist of Stalin saying, "Bitches, this is going on XVIDEOS. This is by far one of the best characters in the gaming industry thus far, and will most likely make an epic appearance in the next installment of the Apollo Dead series, Apollo Dead 2.